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Informations for International Booksellers

Information for International Booksellers

utb is a group of highly respected, medium-sized private publishers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They co-operate in university textbook publishing under the label utb for more than thirty disciplines.

Founded in 1970 as an academic Paperback series, today utb offers academic literature like textbooks, introductions and reference books. We currently have about 1.500 titles available in print, 70% of them also available in digital format.

utb is not just a normal publishing company, but a co-operation of fifteen German, Austrian and Swiss publishing houses. They joined under the label utb to publish a broad university textbook program together.

Annually, utb publishes more than 150 new books from about 30 disciplines. Our key strengths are in the fields of German language and literature, theology, philosophy, economics and law.

Please follow buttons for more information on utb and the joined publishing houses as well as on key and forthcoming titles. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have concerning any aspect of our publishing programme.